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Why are Climbing Frames developmentally appropriate for a wide age range?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

We often get asked when to introduce kids to Climbing Frames, and our answer is pretty much the same for any of our pieces... Following Pikler's approach, we believe children are prepared to use each frame feature only when they have explored, discovered and reached each function by their own means.

When infants are provided with an adequate environment, free motor development is discovered and acquired in a predictable sequence. Each movement phase is crucial in helping strengthen their muscles and building the coordination needed to unfold more complex stages, like crawling or walking. Once babies have mastered their first postures and are exploring new ways of locomotion - like rolling, creeping, crawling, or even standing with and without support, Climbing Frames are the most suitable equipment to accompany their development.

Climbing Frames are developmentally appropriate because they allow children to develop motor coordination, physical strength, balance and agility skills at their own pace. They also accompany each one of the children's developmental stages, allowing free exploration in a prepared and safe environment and evolving into new types of symbolic games:

- crawlers using it as a tunnel, going around and across until exhaustion (getting in and out is a challenge!), then pulling up, standing tall and "furniture walking";

- toddlers climbing up and down in a loop, over and under, or using it as a jumping platform;

- and pre-schoolers planning an obstacle course or converting it into a cubby house, a spaceship or a cave (give it to a kid, and look at all the fantasy it unfolds!).

Talking about our Mountain Climbing Frames, they are recommended for up to 6 years of age and hold up to 50kg, one child at a time. Please remember that these recommendations are a guide only and depend on each child's development stages. Our pieces must be used under adults' supervision AT ALL TIMES.

Now is your turn, how do your kids best like using your climbing frames? 👇🏻👇🏽👇🏿

Justin - 21.03.2023

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