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The circular shape of the rings challenges the baby's grip. The diversity of textures provided by the combination of wood and the ribbon is a source of learning. The rattle emits a sound when shaken or struck by the baby. The design of the rattle allows for the understanding of cause and effect, action and result, i.e. by shaking it - I produce and hear the sound. The exploration and playtime vary depending on the interest and curiosity of each baby, as well as the strength needed to shake it and the weight of the rattle.


Colour: Natural wood.


Recommended age: Ideal for babies 6 months and up. Add it to the play area when the baby takes objects easily and on their own initiative. Always use under adult supervision.


Size: 6-7 cm in diameter.



Material: White wood.


Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth. It is recommended to dry in the shade. Do not use chemicals. For a better finish on the exposed wooden part, wipe with a damp cloth with vegetable oil (coconut oil is ideal). Do not submerge. Do not use chemical products.


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Triple ring rattle

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