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It stimulates manipulation and grip (eye-hand-mouth coordination) and the movement of the body in space. Its cylindrical shape allows it to roll through space, encouraging the child to either search for it or push it away with their hand. It contains a wooden ball, making it a sound toy when the baby shakes it, and allowing the baby to understand over time that the ball hitting the base produces a sound. 


Colour: Natural wood and red ball.


Recommended age: Ideal for 7-8 months and up. Add to the play area when the baby is mobile. Always use under adult supervision.


Soze: Height 7 cm.



Material: White wood.


Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth. It is recommended to dry in the shade. Do not use chemicals. For a better finish on the exposed wooden part, wipe with a damp cloth in vegetable oil (coconut oil is ideal). Do not immerse or use chemical products.


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