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Behold our whimsical Waldorf Birthday Crown, crafted for the gentle spirits, the little Queens and Kings in the realm of childhood magic! 👑🌿 Lovingly handmade from 100% cotton, these regal crowns enchant with their reversible design and delicate ribbon ties.


🌈 Immerse yourself in the enchantment of different colour combinations, and, for an extra dash of fairy-tale charm, consider bundling with its ethereal wand companion! Let each tiny sovereign sprinkle a trail of glittering magic wherever they tread! ✨


Details from the Heart:

👑 Size: Standing at a modest 10 cm tall and gracing a width of 34 cm, adorned with 30 cm of gentle ribbon on each side – a crown fit for the most delicate coronation.


Guiding Whispers:

🌟Ageless Wisdom: While these crowns weave tales of royalty, we counsel against their use for little ones under the age of 1. A gentle reminder to watch over your young royal as they wear their crown, and to tuck it away before the dreams of bedtime unfold.


Caring Rituals:

🚿 Nurturing Wash: Keep the aura of wonder intact by bathing the crown in the embrace of cold or warm water, using the mildest of detergents – no softeners needed.


Note of Harmony:

Handwoven Grace: Embrace the uniqueness of each crown, a testament to their handcrafted essence, ensuring a dance of subtle variations in size and pattern. Let the colours sway gently, akin to the play of light and shadows.


👑 The price we share encompasses the essence of the Queen/King crown alone. For a delightful union of Fairy Crown & Wand, seek out the separate offering. May the grace of Waldorf magic reign supreme! 🌟

Birthday crowns

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