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FIRST BABIES PLAY OBJECT inspired by Pikler pedagogy. The ideal size for little hands to grip easily. It is easy to grab, lightweight, safe, colourful, and soft! It awakens the baby's interest when placed in the play area near them and accompanies the child from their first manipulations and then in their symbolic play.


Material - Colour: Cotton - Red with white dots.


Features: Lightweight and soft.


Recommendations: Always use under adult supervision.

Ideal for 3 months and older. No age limit and use.

Offer the scarf in the play area as the first object of manipulation, because it is lightweight and wide, easy to grab, and if it falls, it won't hurt. Place the scarf "standing" in the shape of a pyramid, on one side of the head at eye level to facilitate visual perception and possible grasping.


How to wash:

Hand or machine wash, cold water, and neutral soap.


plä plä Free Play | Pursuing autonomous motor development and spontaneous play.

plä plä scarf

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