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This woven ring is ideal for the baby to grab and take to their mouth, allowing them to explore textures with the combination of noble and natural materials. Relieves discomfort during teething.


Materials: White wood stick. 100% cotton thread.


Colours: Plain in bright colours or combined with two pastel colours (according to available stock, please ask colour availability).


Recommendations: Place it in the play area when the baby starts to grab objects with their hands and on their own initiative.


Suggested age: Ideal from 4 months onwards. Always use under adult supervision.


Size: 6-7 cm in diameter.



Care instructions: For the woven part, scrub gently with your fingers soaked in water and soap. Rinse. It is recommended to dry in the shade. For a better finish on the uncovered wood part, wipe with a damp cloth in vegetable oil (coconut oil is ideal).


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