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Bravest mountaineers can reach the summit of our tallest mountain via the ascending wall or the hardwood dowel rungs at each side of the hill.

The Rocky bridge and slide can be attached to climb up and down the mountain from different heights. One side features a ladder, and the other a smooth slide, providing an extra dose of challenge.



  • Innovative and contemporary design.
  • Easy storage: climbing frames are neatly stackable.
  • The ramp is reversible and can be used as a ladder or a slide.
  • Made from sustainable natural materials.
  • Proudly crafted by us in Western Australia.



Snowy Mountain climbing frame

Overall: 700 (H) x 520 (W) x 650 (D)

Weight: ~6.5kgs


Rocky bridge & slide


Overall: 1200 (H) x 380 (W) x 18 (D)

Weight: ~7kgs

Material: 18mm premium birch plywood and melamine ply (if the tower is likely to get wet or dirty,

(if the piece is likely to get wet or dirty, we suggest sealing the plywood and exposed edges with a water-based varnish or natural oil).


Age recommendation*

Following Pikler's approach, we believe children are prepared to use each of the frames and ramp's features only when they have explored, discovered and reached each function by their own means. Pieces are recommended for up to 6 years of age and hold up to 50kg, one child at a time.


*These recommendations are a guide only and dependent on the development stages of each individual child. Our pieces must be used under adults' supervision AT ALL TIMES.


Always place it on a flat surface, preferably on a soft play mat, carpet or the green grass out back. The trajectory of the ramp can only be adjusted by an adult, moving it up and down the frame's rungs, depending on the children's ability.



- These products are made to order and delivery may take up to 3-4 weeks over this busy time of the year. Thank you for understanding and appreciating the craftsmanship! :)

- Free shipping for all orders within WA. Shipping fees apply to all orders outside of WA. For more information on Shipping rates, please contact us at before placing your order.

Combo 1: Snowy Mountain climbing frame + Rocky bridge & slide

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