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The circular shape of the ring and the sphere challenge the baby's grip. The rattle makes a sound when shaken or hit by the baby. The design of the rattle allows for an understandable cause-effect relationship, action-result, that is, when shaken, a warm wooden sound is produced and heard and it's easy for babies to recognise where it comes from.


Colours: Natural wood.


Recommended age: babies 4 months and older. Always use under adult supervision.


Size: 6-7 cm in diameter.



Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth. It is recommended to dry in the shade. For a better finish on the exposed wood parts, wipe with a damp cloth in vegetable oil (coconut oil is ideal). Do not immerse or use chemical products.


plä plä Free Play | Pursuing autonomous motor development and spontaneous play.

Star rattle

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