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The square rattle, due to its shape and size, presents a challenge for manipulation, offering various possibilities such as being held with one or two hands, or shaken to hear the soft sound it produces. Its small coloured spheres can be slid by pushing with the fingers. It is also an object that awakens the game of transferring, putting one hand inside, and hanging it from the arm due to its hollow structure.


The rattle emits a sound when shaken by the baby. The design of the rattle allows the cause-effect relationship (action-result) to be understandable: shaking produces a sound that the baby hears and they can see what is producing that sound. The baby exercises numerous manipulation schemes that involve delicacy in gesture, concentrated attention, and the use of a fine grip.


Colour: Natural wood with rainbow-coloured spheres.


Recommended age: Ideal for 8 months and up. Add it to the play area when the baby takes objects easily and on their own initiative. Always use under adult supervision.


Size: 10 x 10 cm


Material: White wood & Non-toxic paint (European origin oil-wax).


Care instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth and dry in the shade. Do not submerge or use chemical products.


plä plä Free Play | Pursuing autonomous motor development and spontaneous play.

Square rattle

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